Accounting & Tax Packages

We offer a full range of bookkeeping, accounting and tax services to our clients. Monthly pricing is available through our standard packages designed to provide all your accounting and tax needs. We can customize a package of services or provide services on as needed basis.

All standard accounting & tax service packages include, General Accounting, Payroll, Sales Tax Reporting, San Francisco, Gross Receipts & Payroll Tax Compliance, 1099 Form Preparation, Financial Reviews, Financial Statement Preparation and Annual Income Tax Return Preparation. Weekly bill payment and invoicing is available in some of the plans.

Standard Accounting & Tax Package Overview

 Fundamental Plan

  • Monthly General Accounting, 1 bank & 1 credit card account
  • Bi-Weekly Payroll for 4 Employees
  • Sales Tax Return Preparation
  • San Francisco Gross Receipt & Payroll Tax Filing
  • 1099 Forms
  • Annual Financial Review, Profit & Loss & Balance
  • Annual Income Tax Return

 Essential Plan

  • Includes the Fundamental Plan plus
  • Pay Bills Weekly
  • 2 bank & 2 credit card accounts
  • Bi-Weekly Payroll for 8 Employees
  • Quarterly Financial Review, Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet

 Integral Plan

  • Includes the Essential Plan plus
  • Weekly Invoicing
  • Weekly General Accounting, 4 bank & 4 credit card account
  • Bi-Weekly Payroll for 16 Employees
  • Monthly Financial Review, Profit & Loss & Balance
  • Annual Budget Preparation

We can design a custom plan for you if a standard plan doesn’t meet your needs

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